Visualizing Social Data

This is the course website for the Spring 2023 edition of SOCIOL 232, Visualizing Social Data, taught at Duke University by Kieran Healy.

Syllabus & Schedule

  • Consult the syllabus for details about the class.

  • Consult the schedule for weekly topics and readings.


We will do all of our visualization work in this class using R and use RStudio to manage our code and projects. R is a freely-available programming language that is designed for statistical computing and widely used across the natural and social sciences, as well as in the rapidly-growing world of “data science” generally. RStudio is an integrated development environment, or IDE, for R, a kind of control center from which you can manage the engine-room of R itself. It is also freely available.

If you haven’t used these tools before, don’t worry. The course does not presuppose any familiarity with them. We will get them installed and running during the first week.